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Sharing the mindset around...

 So I was watching the small set of Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes DVD's that I picked up a few weeks ago, and it's like my Dad can sense Black and White television or something because as soon as he came home he walked in and said, "oh, this looks like something good" and sat down to watch the last twenty minutes of 'Dressed to Kill' with me.
We'd been talking earlier about how we both dislike Nigel Bruce's Watson because the weaker Watson is made to look, the more negative impact it has on ones perception of Holmes as hero, because why would a genius spend all his time hanging out with a bumbling fool who can never do anything right? (Coincidentally, this same discussion can be had regarding Classic Doctor Who Companions VS Modern Who Companions, and while both suffer from certain scripting disadvantages since they are generally female and generally the Doctors Achilles Heal, there is no doubt that when RTD chose to make Rose and her predecessors stronger, he made the Doctor stronger as well).
So of course, about two minutes after my father has sat down, Bruce's Watson does something embarrassing and Holmes just sort of ignores it as usual.
I huff and tell my father, "You've got to admit, the only reason to keep somebody this dumb around is because he is dynamite in the sack"
"Holmes and Watson are not gay" came my fathers long suffering reply.
Which for some reason, resulted in the DVD being paused and us launching into a very detailed debate about hidden homoeroticism in the original text, and a fairly lengthy discussion on the hidden nature of homosexuality in Victorian London and the result of the change of laws due to the Labouchere Amendment in 1885 - which I told my father was only a year or so before the original publication of Arthur Conan Doyle's work.
To which my fathers every so sweet reply was, "Two men can be friends without being in love with each other. Men used to be much closer than they were now, friendships more intimate. Educated men like Doyle would have has reverence for the Greek Model of male friendship."
To which I looked at him for a long moment, "If you need to bring the Greek's into an argument about men not having sex, I think you're on some pretty shaky territory"
And it was funny, because as we talked, Dad slowly dropped his side of the argument and started to concede. Because yes, many artists are gay or have homosexual friends that they support, even then, but you couldn't talk about it, especially as a published writer. And yes, if things are to be believed, a lot of people were unhappy with the way Oscar Wilde suffered, and who knows where Conan Doyle actually stood on this whole matter.
Finally, my dad said, "You may be right. Doyle may have secretly been writing these guys as gay"
I may have teared up just a little. I'm so proud.

As for me? I firmly believe that Holmes and Watson is one of the greatest love story's never told outright, regardless of whether they were shagging or not, they were dysfunctionally in love with each other. I still remember being 12 or 13 and reading 'The Empty House' for the first time, and right after Holmes assumes that Watson will be moving back into Baker St, I put the book down and went out to my mother and asked if Holmes and Watson were a couple, because why else would somebody assume they would just be moving back in together?
My mother looked at me and shrugged, "I don't know, but I've always had my doubts about those two" and returned to chopping up carrots.

Really, what chance did I ever have? :D

Is it just me or...?

So I've had a a whole lot of this seasons NCIS sitting on my DVR and I was catching up on a few today. And in all these episodes Vance and Gibbs keep giving each other these long, considered glances. And I suspect it's supposed to be them sizing each other up and being all manly and challenging, but after the third episode in a row of this behaviour, I just rolled my eyes and shouted at the TV, 'Oh for gods sake, just rip each others clothes off and be done with it".
So now, apparently, I ship Leon/Jethro.
That was not something I saw coming.

Also. Castle season 3 finale. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
I mean, I'd had a bad feeling in my gut about where they were going with the 'arc' story line and everybody's favourite precinct captain.
But still. Those last few minutes. Emotional roller-coaster.
My mind. Consider it blown.

This getting all sad at TV shows is getting a little out of hand though. Last week, Bones almost made me mist up behind my glasses, this week, Castle has made me sad. These are supposed to be my fluffy buddy-cop shows guys. Stop killing people, please.

I'm going back to watch NCIS now, and play the Lethro drinking game (I'll be taking a shot every time they give each other a silent, meaningful glance. I'll be drunk in the first ten minutes. Seriously)
- Nat out.
 Dear Google Maps,

I've not been very kind to you in the past. Oh, sure, you're a useful tool for looking up places I need to go, but, quite frankly, I find your city walking view disquieting to say the least. I don't like the idea that weirdo's all over the internet can see what my house looks like.
It was probably unfair of me to call you a creeper, Google Maps, but you are just a little bit invasive. Cool, yeah, but still creepy; sort of like getting black roses from a secret admirer, you make me want to feel impressed, but mostly I'm just left feeling a little strange as I make my way through entire cities  without leaving my computer chair.
But. I have forgiven you today Google Maps because you are awesome.
No computer nerd could have missed the easter eggs Google has hidden in its search engine (I still smile when I remember goth!google), but you really made a crap day better Google Maps when I used you to find Legoland earlier tonight. I was delighted when I dragged my little man onto the map only to have him turn from an amorphous orange homunculus into a lego MINIFIG when I placed him on the legoland location.
Basically, I'm just trying to say that I'm sorry GM, and that I love you.

- Nat

Baby Shower List

Regular readers, please ignore. Family and friends, here is a list of possible gift ideas.

Boring list beyond cutCollapse )

Whistles Innocently

 Oh my god, what is wrong with me, I drew fanart. Bad fanart. Bad, shmoopy fanart.

See it behind the cut. WARNING: Bad image and fluff may cause brain damage.Collapse )

Oh deary me....


  Dear Fandom,

cc. The Internet

Thank you for breaking my brain so completely that it no longer functions in an entirely coherent and natural manner.

We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum today and we were looking at the Wright brothers’ display. There was a sign up about how family was very important to the Wright family, so much so that Orville, Wilbur and Katherine made an unofficial pact to remain unmarried and together. And god help me, but my first thought was from the fandom section of my brain that went, 'awww, what a lovely little OT3' and the rest of my brain just packed its suitcase and closed the door quietly behind it as it walked away.

WTF brain? Seriously, get some help.

Fuck you facebook

 I thought I would finally give in and create myself a facebook because, well, that's just what you do, isn't it?
So I followed all the steps, and I created an account and then I did that funny little step that lets you log into your hotmail account so you can add friends from your address list, and that all worked okay and then I went to get the confirmation email from my EMAIL account and I followed the link and it authorized the account and found all my friends and it goes over to this massive screen saying 'here's some people you might now' and I start adding all the people I know and meanwhile I'm looking at my hotmail account and all these messages are popping up saying 'So and so has added you as a friend' and I'm like, okay, this is straight forward enough. Why have I avoided this for years?
And then, I'm halfway through the list of people I might know (up to the 'M's') and a message pops up saying 'you can't do this until you authorize your account'.
What? think I, I just did this. So I close out and try again, following the link from the original email. Huh, it's managed to log into my account, but apparently, there has been a problem authorizing the email address. So I send a new email. Same problem. So I log out of Safari and boot up Firefox and I try and log in there. And I get a nice big message saying there is no account attached to that email address.
Really? REALLY? No email account with that name? None at all. You just sent me 60 bloody emails to that account. I registered under that email not once but twice. Oh, you know what.... this isn't worth it.

So sorry Emily and Emma for harassing you, I am not on facebook, because facebook is fucked in the head.

Best. Morning. EVER!

 My house just got swept over by our version of SWAT. This is not the start of a bad joke, seriously. This just happened.

Apparently the police received a call saying that a certain person 'known to police' was going to come to this house and hurt somebody here and that he was armed. I had no knowledge of this, all I knew was that my sister called me from downstairs asking me why the landline kept ringing. I left my room to hear a message being recorded on the answering machine saying it was a police on the line, could somebody in the house please answer the phone and let them know who was in the house and if everybody was unharmed. A part of me thinks this is somebody playing silly buggers, but I call my sister anyway and ask her to come up because I think the police are trying to call. 
About this time, I notice I can hear a vehicle in the drive way, and I start to think, "holly crap, there's a police cruiser or something out the front".
Before I can ring my mum on her mobile to check it's not them, the house line rings again and caller ID say's it's a mobile phone and once again I think, maybe this is a prank, but I answer it just in case, visions of my front door being knocked down by the police swimming in my mind.

The lady asks me my name and, still not convinced this is anything more than an elaborate ruse by somebody I only give me first name, the woman on the other end of the line starts asking me questions about who's in the house and if everybody's okay and if anybody's armed (I'm cagey with a few answers just in case this is somebody casing the joint) and then, the ladies repeated use of my name serves to finally snap the situation into clarity and I realise, 'CRAP! I'm on the phone to a police negotiator. This. Is. So. Cool!'
As I'm turning the porch light on, at the police woman's request, my sister comes up and asks me what's going on. I laugh and tell her I have no idea but there are police on the phone and outside and they think somebody in the house is armed. My sisters new boyfriend is also over for the night, for the first time, so great timing on his behalf.

I get back on the line because thats what I was asked to do and the lady starts coaching me to go onto the porch with my hand out. Jacq decides to open and  stick her head out the door at this point and I have to call "don't open the door" to her across the room, which I'm sure sounded great on their end of things, since as I yelled this, the door opens quickly and then slams shut as Jacqueline goes, "Shit, there's a police van out the front".

Then the lady asks us to come outside, and we do, me with my hands up in a pose hollywood would be proud of, my sister and her boyfriend behind me, seemingly unaware of the situation as the come out slowly playing/struggling with the dog. As we come out, five police officers slowly come out of the van, decked out in kevlar, all armed with assault rifles and one carrying a riot shield.
I'm not kidding. He was carrying a RIOT SHIELD.
It's 2am, I'm standing in my pjs on the porch in only socks, and a dude is walking past me with a riot shield.
This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.
I have to stop myself reaching out to brush the thing as it goes past, and restrain myself from following them as they sweep the house.
Damn, that was awesome.
Who knew you'd need a freaking degree in engineering to get a damned playstation 3 to play a simple DVD. I mean, it's not like you expect this to be out of the box functionality of anything silly like that.
At least now I can watch Galaxy Quest in peace.

Doctor Who In Thirty Days - Day 5

Day 05 – Your Favorite Companion

Sarah Jane Smith, because honestly, she's beautiful. She was beautiful then and she's even better now and god I wished my creepy neighbour growing up had been her, and that I'd got to explore the world and had alien adventures... but anyway...
I want to pretend I'm indecisive about this one, but honestly, for the longest time, since I was a tiny little person, this has been the easiest question for me to answer.
Lets be honest, there companions in 'classic who' weren't always a lot of chop.
Most of the time they were just there to be pretty and yell 'Doctor, help me' when something bad happened, or 'What's happening Doctor?' when the script needed exposition. And I guess Sarah Jane did a lot of that as well, in her time, but by the time she and the fourth Doctor were hanging out you felt that there was a genuine relationship between them, that they cared about each other and that Sarah could, on occasion, do things on her own.
She was the most kick-ass of all the companions (and I say that knowing others could argue it, and also because little!Nat never got a chance to see Ace, because the Seventh Doctor serials always seemed to be forgotten by the ABC in repeats). 
So the answer was never that hard. Donna's arrival on the scene has complicated matters, because she is just made of awesome and I love her with everything I am.
But in the end, SJ has to win out over even Donna because I have adored her since I was a very small person.



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